UM Session: BoyMeetsWorld - “Where The Hell Is Douglas?”

For those of us familiar with Vans Warped Tour - we know that the tour is basically like moving a small city every day. Bands, crew, and organizations loads up in busses and vans and haul trailers from city to city to build up and tear down a small town every day. Part of this crew is the catering crew. What few fans recognize from the start is that there’s also a catering band!

This years catering band was BoyMeetsWorld, a pop-rock pop-punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio. The band was hard at work all summer helping set up, serving, and tearing down catering each day of the tour. They drove themselves from city to city and sold CDs to the line before doors. BoyMeetsWorld got the chance to play on the Kevin Says stage several times throughout the tour, including their hometown stop in Ohio.

Bands apply to be the catering band in hopes of gaining exposure to the Warped Tour community. Photographer, Colleen Brent got the chance to meet up with the guys in between their catering shifts to record an acoustic version of “Where The Hell Is Douglas?” for our viewers at UMusicians. Hope you enjoy!

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UM Charity Spotlight: Project 143


Project 143 is dedicated to providing unique music-related experiences for teenagers and young adults who are battling cancer (via Facebook). Jaime Shultz sat down with Jared Stossel to talk about what inspired him to start Project 143, favorite success story and much more!

Jaime Shultz: How did you come up with the idea to start a non-profit?
Jared Stossel: I came up with the idea to start a non-profit after a very gradual process of trial and error. I originally wanted Project 143 to start as an annual benefit concert. After seeing what organizations like Skate 4 Cancer and To Write Love On Her Arms were doing, I really thought that I could help make an impact by starting an organization.

JS: How did you come up with the name Project 143?
Jared S: The name Project 143 comes from two different music related references. “Project” comes from the Linkin Park tour, called Projekt Revolution (spelled exactly that way) that I saw in the summer that I was going into high school. That show was a huge deal for me because not only was Linkin Park playing, but one of my all time favorite bands, My Chemical Romance, was playing the show.

The name “143” came from a song title that was released from a band that, coincidentally, is rising to great prominence now. They’re called Set It Off. At the time, the band had a VERY small following, and I had discovered them through a YouTube video. They had a song called “143” that I loved. A buddy of mine told me that 143 was actually a texting phrase that stood for “I Love You”. One letter in I, four letters in love, three letters in you.

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Gallery: Crowd Surf America Tour
Features: blessthefall, Capture The Crown, Chiodos
Location:The International -Knoxville, TN
Photographer: Colleen Brent

UM Charity Spotlight: Heart Support -Part 2


Colleen Brent had the opportunity to sit down with Ben Sledge, Director of HeartSupport, at the Charlotte stop of Vans Warped Tour. We talked about the organization, how it’s doing, where it’s going, and loads of other topics. This was such a great interview that we’ve decided to bring it to you in two parts! If you missed part 1 make sure to check it out HERE.

Colleen Brent: What inspired you to start working with HeartSupport?
Ben Sledge: In order to understand that, you have to understand my story, so I’ll give you a quick synopsis: I grew up in a Christian home but I was very kind of in and out of the whole thing. I got bullied a lot during my high school years, I was very skinny, had long scraggly hair, hung out with skaters and was into the scene music – so that automatically dubbed me ‘the weird kid’ and then I tried to go preppy/jock and that didn’t work out either. During that time period I began to see a lot of hypocrisy and a lot of judgmentalism in the church and the very people that claimed to be Christians were the one’s that were hurting me or judging me, or acting like they were pretty but had all addictions and what not, so I just thought it was a big sham. I ended up enlisting in the military out of high school and then September 11th hit and I got sent over to Afghanistan. In Afghanistan I really began to see pain and suffering and hurt for the first time and began to question ‘what is our purpose as humans?’ Not what is our purpose specifically on earth as individuals but as mankind because we’re really good at hurting each other, it seemed.

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Gallery: Vans Warped Tour
Features: Crown The Empire, Mayday Parade, The Maine
Location: Sleep Train Amphitheatre -Chula Vista, CA
Photographer: Katie Rich

Gallery: The Live Forever Tour
Features:Against The Current, Paradise Fears, We Are Stations, William Beckett
Location:Highline Ballroom -New York, NY
Photographer: Maggie Friedman

UM Review: Steady Hands- ‘Brandy of the Damned’


Steady Hands -Brandy of the Damned
Label: Lame-O Records
Release Date: August 19th
Reviewed By: Tanya Agarwal

Steady Hands originally started off as Sean Huber’s (drummer for Modern Baseball) solo side project with the aim to create raw folk punk with just an acoustic guitar and gritty honest vocals. Since then, Steady Hands has evolved into a seven-piece band but is still in keeping with that folk punk aim. Brandy of the Damned is their latest work and it does not disappoint.

The title song opens the six-track EP with a light barely-there piano tune that fades into Sean Huber’s rough vocals. The song itself is shorter than most conventional songs (1:17) but in it the band has managed to put across what they intend to deliver with this EP, songs that are as pretty as they are gritty.

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UM Charity Spotlight: Heart Support -Part 1


Colleen Brent had the opportunity to sit down with Ben Sledge, Director of HeartSupport, at the Charlotte stop of Vans Warped Tour. We talked about the organization, how it’s doing, where it’s going, and loads of other topics. This was such a great interview that we’ve decided to bring it to you in two parts! Here’s part one, I hope you love it as much as I did.

Colleen Brent: For those who don’t know what HeartSupport is could you provide a little bit of a background for them?
Ben Sledge: HeartSupport is an online non-profit that was started by Jake Luhrs who’s the lead singer of August Burn Red. What had happen was people were coming up to Jake after shows, and a lot of his lyrics and what August Burns Red is known for is that they’re hopeful, they’re about restoration, they speak to the heart of their fans and their community and people really connected with that. Jake is just one of those people that loves talking with his fans after the shows, so people began coming up to him and telling him about how much they were encouraged and inspired by his lyrics and began to tell him really just kind of very heavy stories whether it was stories of addiction or suicide ideation or even attempts – a young man told him about how he had planned to hang himself under his porch - and then out of that more stories flooding in: cutting, self-harm, anxiety, bullying, even for our military veterans – post traumatic stress disorder.

The one thing that a lot of them said throughout, the consistent theme, was that ‘I felt alone’ and ‘I didn’t have anybody to talk to’ and when he heard that he was like ‘why can’t we struggle together as a community and be honest about where we really hurt? Why do we put up these walls and pretend that we’re pretty and that we can get through this on our own and just continue to die in a pile?’ So he created HeartSupport as his way to give back to his fan base but also to talk about his faith and where he found hope, healing, and restoration in his own life. Then we began partnering with bands and said ‘you know it’s fantastic that your lyrics and your music are helping these people, but at the end of the day a girl who’s cutting herself and giving you her razor blades needs a little bit more help and little bit more encouragement from people that have been through it and we want you guys [the bands] to be honest about where you struggle,’ so we became a resource for musicians as well as a place where musicians could relate more to their fans, and out of that we got to have really, really cool stories.

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Albums Out Today


We’ve put together a list of albums that are released today, as well as where to purchase them. Let us know what albums you’ve picked up and your thoughts on them!

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The Vamps, Fifth Harmony Perform “Somebody To You”


The Vamps performed their latest single “Somebody To You” with Fifth Harmony while on Tour with Austin Mahone. Check out the video below!

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The Vamps Release “Somebody To You” Music Video ft. Demi Lovato

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