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There are a couple new releases coming out this week! Read below to read the album details and where you can purchase them!

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NEW COVER: Cool Kids (Echosmith Cover) -Landon Austin

NEW COVER: Amnesia (5 Seconds of Summer Cover) -Rajiv Dhall (of TwentyForSeven)

NEW COVER: Shake It Off (Taylor Swift Cover) -Crystalyne

Manic Pixi Release Music Video For “Kiss Me”

Manic Pixi have released a music video for “Kiss Me” from their debut album Sugar Bomb! that will be released on September 16th. Watch the music video below!

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Alexa Ferr Covers Tinashe’s “2 On”


Alexa Ferr has released a cover of Tinashe ft. Schoolboy Q’s “2 On” ft. MJ Nelson (2deepin). The duo have put a twist on the Top 40 Hit, performing it acoustically. Listen to their cover below, in addition to Alexa’s three upcoming shows!

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CMJ Announces Initial 2014 Lineup

CMJ is taking place from October 21st through october 25th, and the initial lineup has been announced. Check out the line up below!

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Gallery: Scale The Summit
Features:ERRE, Monuments, Reflections, Scale The Summit, Save The Fallen
Location:Blackbooth -Orlando, FL
Photographer: Danielle Burch

UM Interview: Naoko, of Shonen Knife

After Lucky Rendler-Kaplan’s interview with Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls, he mentioned to me that his record label Good Charamel Records, has a signed artist that will also be in Chicago soon. He introduced me to  an all-female band from Osaka, Shonen Knife, mentioning “Shonen Knife is one of the hardest working, passionate bands I’ve ever known, I’m very proud to be part of their legacy here in the US.” 

The band was formed in 1981 by sisters Naoko (lead vocals/guitar) and Atsuko Yamono. Singer Michie Nakatani joined, and they released their first album “Burning Farm.” Atsuko and Nakatani left the band eventually, and Eimi Morimoto replaced them. I inquired how the name Shonen Knife came to be. Naoko explained, ““Shonen Knife” is an old brand name of a pencil knife. When I saw this knife, I was impressed by the name. Shonen means Boy in Japanese. The image of the words Boy = cute, Knife = dangerous. When cute and dangerous are combined together, it’s the image of our music.” The band was one of the first all-female bands from Osaka. That was not a concern for Naoko however, “I just wanted to form a band with people who have been my friends before. I’m shy and I didn’t want to start band with strangers.  As a result, I formed an all - female band.”

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Trevor Dahl Releases Statement Regarding Final Album Under Plug In Stereo


Earlier today Plug In Stereo mastermind/multi-instrumentalist Trevor Dahl, announced his upcoming self-titled album will be his final release, has released a statement in regards to his final release, before retiring the project and moving on to a new solo project. Trevor Dahl has released a statement in regards to this which you can read below!

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