Message Through Motion Announce Break Up


Message Through Motion have announced that the band is breaking up, however some of the bands members will start a new musical project under a different name. Read a message from the band below!

Hey everyone,

It is with heavy hearts we tell you that this chapter of our musical careers has come to an end. We want to be completely transparent with you all, and not leave anyone wondering what actually happened to bring us to this point, so here goes…

MTM started with The Searching EP, heavily influenced by some bands we were big fans of at that time. We had a blast with it, and we were blessed with becoming close friends with someone who’s played a bigger part in this band than anyone can imagine. After this release we really hit our stride. This was back in the Myspace days, and we were consistently #1 and #2 both in the Myspace Canada rock and Christian charts. Not long after the release we began writing for the album. It took a lot of work, and a LOT of money, and we had a blast flying to Portland to record the album with Kris at Interlace. During this time we were under the radar for a bit, so the momentum we had going started to slowly die off. After we had finished the album, rather than releasing it, we held off for much longer than we should have, waiting for some things that unfortunately just didn’t work out. Holding off on the release was 100% our mistake, and we really regret waiting for a year to release a record we were SO proud of. At this point our momentum had completely died down. We just waited for too long. 

During this slow time, we also started taking a look at ourselves musically, to see where we wanted to take things. Even before we released Earthshaker, we had already evolved past the music we were soon to be releasing. While we were (and still are) so unbelievably proud of Earthshaker, we can honestly say that our hearts just are not in that direction any longer. We love music, and we just can’t justify playing music that our hearts aren’t into. 

A few of us will be starting a new project together. We feel it wouldn’t be fair to MTM to continue under that name, because we as musicians in MTM, found the band’s sound when we wrote Earthshaker. That album is Message Through Motion, and while it’s true that bands evolve and change over time, the change would be too drastic and it simply wouldn’t be “message through motion” anymore. We would simply be a new band with an old name. 

We want to end this by saying thank you so much to all our fans, friends, family, anyone who’s ever supported us, and even the people who didn’t support us because it just pushed us forward even more. All the people we were blessed with chatting with over Twitter and Facebook and Myspace, we truly had a blast meeting as many of you as we could and we will remember it always. A special thank you to Dan Cutrona, who worked so hard representing our band in Nashville and all over the rest of the US, simply because he believed in us as people and musicians. Another huge thank you to Kris Crummett, who went far and beyond just recording our album, but also for trying to make things happen for us. 

And last but definitely not least, thank you Adam Newcomb. We wouldn’t be who we are as a band if it weren’t for you. You shaped us in so many ways as musicians and people and we cannot thank you enough. Your constant support and encouragement has kept us going even through the toughest of times. You’ve been an inspiration to us. 

God bless everyone, thanks for everything

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